We stopped 20 state parks from closing

After devastating budget cuts in 2011, this spring, the Legislature restored funding for state and local parks. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department had warned that 20 state parks would have to close without additional funds. But after a public outcry—including thousands of petition signatures from Environment Texas members—the Legislature boosted funding by $62 million. That's enough to keep all our state parks open, make critical repairs, replant trees destroyed by wildfire at Bastrop State Park, and to give grants to cities to build new parks, ball fields and playgrounds.

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Clean Air Act settlements resulted in huge emissions reductions, making Houston's air cleaner

HOUSTON – Sierra Club and Environment Texas announced today that Shell Oil Company and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company have each cut illegal air pollution from major “upset” events at their Gulf Coast plants by about 95%.  Those reductions are even more than was required by their settlements of federal Clean Air Act lawsuits brought by the environmental groups, and have contributed to recent efforts to improve air quality in the Houston metropolitan area.

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News Release | Environment Texas

New Report: Wind Energy Saved Enough Water to Fill Lady Bird Lake 3.5 times

AUSTIN  – Amid record-breaking drought, wind power in Texas saved 8.6 billion gallons of water last year: enough to fill Lady Bird Lake 3 ½ times, according to a new report released today by Environment Texas.  Texas’s wind energy is also avoiding more than 19 million metric tons of climate-altering carbon pollution annually — the equivalent of taking more than 4 million cars off the road.

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Report | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Wind Energy for a Cleaner America II

Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity pollutes our air, contributes to global warming, and consumes vast amounts of water—harming
our rivers and lakes and leaving less water for other uses. In contrast, wind energy produces no air pollution, makes no contribution to global warming, and uses no water.

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Report Says Plan's Water Supply Projects May Threaten Rivers

A new report by the Environment Texas Research and Policy Center advises the state to focus on conservation measures following the passage of Proposition 6 and to avoid water supply projects that could harm five Texas rivers, particularly the Trinity, Guadalupe and Sulphur.

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Water Development Board Begins Plans

"Getting the money was just half the battle," Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger said. "Now we must galvanize the same level of public demand-- to spend that money in ways that restore our rivers rather than deplete them."

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