It’s time for Texas polluters to clean up their act

Pollution from refineries and chemical plants is making people sick, but regulators largely look the other way when big polluters break the law.

ExxonMobil broke clean air laws at its Baytown oil refinery and chemical plant near Houston more than 4,000 times over five years—compounding Texas’ pollution problems and endangering the health of nearby residents. It’s clear we need to take firm action to force Texas’ biggest polluters to clean up their act.

A winning legal strategy

Backed by our members, Environment Texas is standing up to ExxonMobil and other polluters, pressing regulators to act, and taking legal action. Using the same strategy that allowed us to force Shell Oil to clean up its Deer Park refinery in 2009, we’re exercising our right under the Clean Air Act to demand compliance with the law.

Cleaning up our air, one polluter at a time

With our legal action against Shell Oil in 2009 and now against ExxonMobil, we're taking a powerful stand against Texas' biggest air polluters.

We're also creating a precedent that will reverberate throughout the oil industry and put renewed pressure on regulators to stand up for our health.

The latest in our court case

Our lawsuit went to trial in a federal courthouse in Houston in February. Our attorneys are now writing final briefs which must be submitted by mid-June. Judge David Hittner will rule on the lawsuit sometime thereafter.

Click here to join our campaign, and urge the EPA to crack down on Texas' worst polluters.

Clean air updates

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EPA: Keep the pressure on major air pollutors | Sara E Smith

This week, Environment Texas and dozens of public health, environmental justice and clean air advocates from across the country sent a letter to EPA asking that they keep the pressure on major air polluters that illegally release hazardous chemicals into our communities.

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EPA announces final rule to curb refinery pollution and improve public health

The Environment Protection Agency has just released a final rule designed to protect communities from toxic oil refinery pollution, which includes long overdue health standards and expanded air monitoring along refinery fencelines.

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Clean air - What's the big deal? | Sara E Smith

Pollution from refineries and chemical plants makes people sick, from serious trouble breathing, to heart attacks and even premature death. But, state regulators, like the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality), largely look the other way even when we know for a fact that big polluters are breaking the law.

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Opposition grows to TX official serving on EPA clean air panel | Luke Metzger

Today, seven of Texas' leading air quality advocates wrote the EPA in opposition to the Texas state toxicologist serving on a key federal clean air panel. The group charges Dr. Michael Honeycutt with “an appearance of a loss of impartiality,” disqualifying him from serving on the EPA's Clean Air Science Advisory Committee (CASAC). CASAC plays a powerful role in setting science-based federal policy on air quality.

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Coal permits are protested

A watchdog group says Texas’ environmental agency, working with electric companies, violated the federal Clean Air Act by increasing allowable power plant emissions without telling the public or the EPA.

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