It's time for ExxonMobil to clean up its act

ExxonMobil has broken clean air laws at its Baytown oil refinery and chemical plants near Houston on more than 4,000 separate occasions since 2005 — compounding Texas' pollution problems and endangering the health of nearby residents.

With Gov. Rick Perry's environmental agency looking the other way, it's clear we need to take firm action to force one of Texas' biggest polluters to clean up its act.

A winning legal strategy

Backed by our members, Environment Texas is standing up to ExxonMobil and taking our case to federal court. Employing the same strategy that allowed us to force Shell Oil to clean up its Deer Park refinery in 2009, we're exercising our right under the Clean Air Act to demand compliance with the law.

Cleaning up our air, one polluter at a time

With our legal action against Shell Oil in 2009 and now against ExxonMobil, we're taking a powerful stand against Texas' biggest air polluters.

We're also creating a precedent that will reverberate throughout the oil industry and put renewed pressure on the government to stand up for our health.

The latest in our court case

Our lawsuit went to trial in a federal courthouse in Houston in February. Our attorneys are now writing final briefs which must be submitted by mid-June. Judge David Hittner will rule on the lawsuit sometime thereafter.

Click here to join our campaign, and urge the EPA to crack down on Texas' worst polluters.

Clean air updates


Texas still biggest CO2 emitter but getting better, environmentalists say

“Despite being the largest producer of global warming emissions in the country, the report demonstrates how state and federal policies are working in reducing harmful emissions in Texas,” Rachel Stone, an attorney for Environment Texas, said in an email.

The report was authored by the consumer rights organization Frontier Group and Environment America Research & Policy Center.

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City Of Houston First City In Texas To Use Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds For Energy Efficiency Program

 Mayor Annise Parker today announced the City of Houston is expanding its municipal energy efficiency program to retrofit libraries and other City of Houston facilities. 

“Too much energy is wasted through poor insulation, leaky windows, inefficient lighting, heating or cooling systems, and poor construction techniques,” said Luke Metzger, Director of Environment Texas. “We applaud Houston’s innovation in making city buildings more efficient, an important step toward solving our energy problems, reducing pollution and saving the city money.”


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Fed Up With Government, Environmentalists Sue Companies

In Texas, frustration from environmental groups stems from what they say is inaction on the federal and state level. Luke Metzger, director of Environment Texas, said the group decided to sue ExxonMobil after “years and years” of asking the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to take action. “Going through the courts is our best option. It’s kind of our last option,” Metzger said. The trial for that case began in Houston this month and is continuing.

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Testimony focuses on flaring

That was part of Friday's testimony in the trial of a "citizens suit" by two environmental groups against ExxonMobil and its Baytown subsidiaries. The groups, Environment Texas and the Sierra Club, are asking the judge to declare that the company violated its federal air permits over a nearly eight-year period and that the state regulatory agency failed to take proper enforcement action.

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Bench trial against ExxonMobil by environmental groups begins in Houston

A trial is underway in Houston that pits environmental groups against the largest refinery in Southeast Texas. The Sierra Club and Environment Texas Citizens Lobby Inc. took ExxonMobil to court over allegations it allowed millions of pounds of toxic chemicals to be released from its Baytown refinery.

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